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Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

The Guardian

One World Trade Center: how New York tried to rebuild its soul

This report is pitch-perfect — exceedingly perceptive and articulate. How refreshing to get some real information instead of the usual half-truths and and worse that are recycled year after year. If only this kind of reporting had been the rule instead of the exception, exposing the corruption when it would have made all the difference, we could have and we would have made a spectacular, transcendent recovery — instead of pointing out now that it could have been worse. Not much…

Fast Company

How Security Concerns And Developers Undermined The Design Of 1 World Trade Center

A comment at the end of the Fast Company article put it as well as we have ever come across:

“It took less than 15 months to build the Empire State Building in 1929 – an icon which still inspires and impresses. That was an America full of confidence, “can do” spirit and looking to break the rules. It has taken 13 years to build this committee-designed office building that could have been drawn by a 9-year-old with a ruler and a silver pen. It’s not just uninspiring, it’s really quite pathetic. It speaks not of a society on the move, yearning for a better tomorrow and reaching for the heavens, but one drowning in red tape, having long-since compromised. From a distance, when the (rather boring) angles are not as obvious, and with its antennae, it is even quite reminiscent of the original north tower. Unfortunately however, it stands alone, which makes it a hauntingly inadequate replacement. This is failure on a grand scale.”

National Review

September 11 and Bad Memorials

New York YIMBY

The Port Authority’s Missed Connection: The PATH-Lex Line That Never Was


Twin Towers live on in New York City signs

Capitalism Magazine

A New Yorker Remembers the World Trade Center

New York Daily News

9/11 Tribute in Light: A behind-the-scenes look at how the Sept. 11 tribute takes shape | blog

Windows on the World – A glimpse inside the World Trade Center in August 2001

Washington Post

On 9/11 anniversary, a survivor seeks a National Day of Discussion (COMMENTARY)

The Algemeiner

Mourning 9/11: The Loss of Innocence

The Real Deal

Dispute keeps WTC Tower 5 development in limbo