Fooling Ourselves At Ground Zero

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Updated: 12/12/18

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

In New York, we are warned against buying counterfeit goods from street vendors because their proceeds help finance the terrorist underground. Meanwhile, we are being sold a counterfeit World Trade Center and are not supposed to notice it’s not even a good designer knock-off.

The swindle at Ground Zero gives a far bigger boost to terrorist networks than the street scammers ever could. Worse, it has cheated the public out of not only billions of dollars but true national healing.

Valiant and dedicated workers have put their hearts into raising one generic tower to exactly the height of the two world icons that were destroyed. But ten years ago they offered to work for nothing if only they could rebuild the two lost towers. No one has ever explained why that longing was denied.

We can’t afford to go on fooling ourselves that we have — in the words of the President — come back stronger. America’s Skyline is clearly diminished, as are we, and it is time to get serious about finding out why.

Since 9/11/2001, dozens of twin towers have risen around the world, while our leaders pretend that building only half of what was stolen from us at Ground Zero is something to cheer about.

For the 1996 Olympics, an AT&T ad showed an athlete pole-vaulting over the Twin Towers. Far more than symbols of power and might, those towers were the ultimate symbol of excellence. They were conceived in the same exuberant spirit that took us to the moon. And new, state-of-the-art Twin Towers would have taken us right over it.

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