Talking Turkey

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Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: The Port Authority of NY & NJ

For almost 200 years “talking turkey” has meant “to discuss a problem in a serious way with a real intention to solve it.” But the first three items above are examples of how facts are an endangered species at Ground Zero…

The Star-Ledger piece on the “spire” is one of the few reports that call into question the assumption that the Freedom Tower will ever be able to legitimately claim to be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, with a roof height that is almost one hundred feet shorter than the Willis/Sears Tower. Most “reports” just ignore the obvious and dutifully call the antenna a “spire” as if people don’t have eyes in the heads, or brains.

The latest Silverstein scam to hold the airlines responsible for the damage to WTC 7 is another example of contortionist thinking. Silverstein would much rather pick the flying public’s pocket to force the airlines’ insurance companies to “finally” “pay up in order to finish the rebuilding of the World Trade Center” when he has yet to account for all the insurance money that has already passed through his hands and yet there is so little to show for 3.5 billion dollars. Mr. Silverstein’s schnorrer routine is offensive and the public deserves a full accounting of what he has invested versus what he has received.

The HuffPo piece is a lame effort to deflect attention from the elephant droppings at the 9/11 Museum — the horrifying loss to priceless artifacts that would have happened if the Museum had opened on schedule. Burying the museum underground at exorbitant cost that has been and will continue to be subsidized by the public was not just willful, it was reckless. There is only one way to handle the calls from 9/11 Families to reexamine the direction of the museum — take them to heart.

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