Wishful Thinking

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Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: Fox News

Fox News

Families protest return of remains to 9/11 memorial

The interview above was broadcast on Fox News on Monday, following the weekend’s contentious events at Ground Zero. If one will watch that interview and then read the two items below, the most wishful thinker couldn’t miss the deeply disturbing irony: The Russian outlet manages to capture the controversy, while the New York Times is actively promoting a distorted view.

Voice of Russia US

9/11 Families Had No Say in Placement of Unidentified Victims Remains

New York Times

In ‘Ceremonial Transfer,’ Remains of 9/11 Victims Are Moved to Memorial

The following probing piece published in Slate stands in sharp contrast to the Times’ propaganda. The questions surrounding this issue are profoundly important. All who insisted they would “never forget” have a right to this information. Why doesn’t the New York Times feel the responsibility to present both sides of the issue? How else can people get to the truth?


How to Honor the Dead We Cannot Name


Michael Bloomberg and the path to 9/11 museum


$400,000 salary executives of 9/11 Memorial charge $24 admission


‘We didn’t give up’: Matt Lauer, Michael Bloomberg tour September 11 Museum

Meanwhile, the lionizing of Michael Bloomberg, the man who has had a powerfully destructive influence on the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and the World Trade Center as a whole is a reminder of how much fawning approval money can buy. These absurdly one-sided tributes conveniently ignore the facts. Unfortunately, the pieces did not invite comments.

Time Warner New York News | NY1

Developer Stalls, Looks to Port Authority on 3 World Trade

New York Post

Office-glut fears dim in dynamic downtown

New York Post columnist Steve Cuozzo has been one of the chief cheerleaders for the current, incoherent WTC plan. His viewpoint is invariably that the ends justify the means. Whether he gets it or not, hopefully enough of the PA Commissioners will recognize that their fiduciary responsibility to the public prevents their underwriting another Silverstein building, while Port Authority priorities suffer. The decrepit 42nd Street Bus Terminal was not even factored into their 10-year Capital Plan. The Board, which has spent a decade playing politics with Ground Zero is now on the hot seat and cannot justify investing in a tower that would siphon off tenants from the tower they ill-advisedly took over and built. They cannot keep speculating with the public’s money. If they do, they may find a legal obstacle to their wayward and willful plans.

CRAIN’S New York Business

4 WTC close to landing first private-sector tenant

Vanity Fair

Exclusive Video: The Lost Letter that Ruined Original Plans for the Freedom Tower

This piece is the ultimate in wishful thinking. The so-called documentary is as close as you can come to a Silverstein vanity piece. The information is misleading and corrupt.