Spring Is Here

2018-08-06T10:27:46+00:00 Vol. 1, Issue No. 3|
Updated: 08/06/18

There is something thrilling, no matter how many times we have seen it before, when a landscape that looks dead starts coming to life. The picture above is a study in the dichotomy of early spring — the brilliant buds and the leafless tree. We recognize the same promising signs in the long struggle for a worthy World Trade Center, and will not be surprised when it buds and blossoms.

One of those signs is that the lack of good sense behind the current project becomes clearer all the time. As the analyis by Nicole Gelinas in the NY Torch makes clear, the Freedom Tower may be costing as much as twice what it’s worth. And as hard as diehard boosters, such as Steve Cuozzo at the NY Post try, they can’t deny the shocking lack of interest in the building that the public took off Mr. Silverstein’s hands.

Now that the Port Authority is opening its books to auditors, it is a good time to audit all of the bewildering deals that seem to be a bonanza for a man who has none of his own money invested in the Trade Center site. Now that he is pulling $65 million out of 7 World Trade Center, how much of it is he reinvesting into the site?

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