Eyes Front!

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Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: CNN

Following the Daily News report of schoolchildren’s bad behavior at the 9/11 Memorial, the mother of 26-year-old victim Matthew Horning wrote in to the paper to connect the dots.

“The memorial was designed without any remnants of the destruction, so visitors never really see the horror of what happened on the site. There is no signage telling visitors what occured on the site or the significance of the names around the waterfalls. There is not even an American flag flown, which might indicate that something of national importance happened there. As for using the place as a garbage dump, please remember that human remains of the victims were taken to an actual garbage dump, Fresh Kills, and left there.”

It seems that, as with so much else at Ground Zero, even when we can see what is wrong, we feel powerless to make it right. That makes us all guilty of looking away.

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