Been There/Done That

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Updated: 08/06/18

The image above is over forty years old but the excitement of topping out the tallest tower on earth, with another one just like it rising, too, is easy to imagine. The World Trade Center was the earthbound equivalent of the moon landing. Now, lifting the final beam to the top of a building that can only claim to be the tallest tower in New York, standing next to a building half its size, is nowhere near the thrill because we’ve been there and done that — only better. It’s so easy to imagine the sense of triumph and jubilation that would have greeted the real thing. We, the people, have been robbed.

Huffington Post

…. Steel Beam Signed By President Obama Raised To Top…

Asbury Park Press

Port Authority delays release of second audit report

This is classic Port Authority — put off a report that was due in June until the dead of summer. It is a year since they used the same tactic to suddenly raise the tolls. They apparently never learn.

The Real Deal

Florida pol says GSA, in signing WTC lease, acted without approval

If it was a responsible use of taxpayer dollars, the GSA would not have put off signing the lease for five years. Senator Schumer had the power to force the issue, but that doesn’t make it right for the American people.

The Record

West Virginia senator’s letter rips Port Authority executive


U.S.Senators: Port Authority Exec Was ‘Argumentative,’ Lacked ‘Civility and Decorum’

If the new-and-improved Port Authority is really interested in transparency, why don’t they just come clean? Clean is clean. No one brushes one tooth or scrubs one hand. It is disturbing that they still don’t seem to get it.

Silverstein Adds to Polish Acquisitions

Silverstein Properties has spent the last ten years cashing in on its cachet, while plundering the public purse. Larry Silverstein was a second-tier developer — at best — who is now riding high thanks to his status at Ground Zero. While he just bought two historic buildings in Poland as part of a $666 million joint venture, and develops towers in China, the metro commuters are paying his toll at the World Trade Center. Why isn’t anyone asking WHY?!!!