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2018-08-06T10:49:54+00:00 Vol. 1, Issue No. 21|
Updated: 08/06/18

Wall Street Journal

New Hitch In Ground Zero Plans: No Takers

The Real Deal

WTC complex progress stalls amid slow office leasing environment

That’s odd… The new hitch is the same as the old hitch…

The Real Deal

As toll hikes meet resistance, PA faces tough choices

This is the first time that we have read in print what has been clear from the beginning: If the PA has to rollback the toll hikes or even just defer the next phase, it will cause tectonic changes that will radically alter the agenda at the WTC.

Federal Times

GSA lease at One World Trade Center sparks spat with lawmakers

The Record

Philip Kwon, rejected N.J. Supreme Court nominee, scores a top Port Authority job<

Downtown Express

Time to return ‘The Sphere’

Everyone should be choosing sides on this issue because it is a very reliable barometer of the resistance to common sense and common decency that prevails in the Bloomberg Memorial/Museum…