Asking Too Much?

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Updated: 08/06/18

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Governor Cuomo wants to clean up New York. “We must root out corruption in politics and government,” he said, when announcing the formation of a new commission to ensure accountability in government and restore the public’s confidence and trust.

Is it asking too much to start with the corruption that robbed the American people of the world-famous skyline that should have been restored? Albany alone did not create the travesty we now see — but Albany alone could have prevented it.

Until a forensic audit has been done at Ground Zero, other efforts to come clean are merely cosmetic.

Downtown Express

Money’s no object at the 9/11 Memorial

This opinion piece concludes that the one question we should all be asking is, “How did this ever get so out of control?” But the answer is no mystery. It is written in the confused and misleading narrative, as well as in and between the lines of all the comments that follow it.

Specifically: Defile and defeat the democratic process, while professing to honor it; misappropriate billions of public dollars, while refusing to give an accounting; use a lazy, gullible media to misdirect attention away from the truly despicable culprits; rely on the “expert” opinion of those who make the facts fit their agendas.

The worst part isn’t just that money is no object at the Memorial, but far more damning, it is the will of the people that is no object at the WTC — as the 1776-foot tombstone, the banished Koenig Sphere, the confiscation of the precious remains, the generic waterfalls, the extravagant transit hub, and the rest of the disappointing site attest.

In other words, the place where thousands of people were murdered for being Americans, is Ground Zero for our democracy. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Governor Cuomo would address that head on?

Governor Cuomo’s Press Office

Governor Cuomo Appoints Moreland “Commission to Investigate Public Corruption