“How Did This Happen?”

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Updated: 08/06/18

New York Post

Port Authority rife with ugly politics

At Governor Christie’s press conference on Thursday, he said that he keeps asking himself: “How did this happen?” The Post piece by Nicole Gelinas, the most knowledgeable of journalists when it comes to the Port Authority, gives a good answer to that question. But the Twin Towers Alliance has heard that same question over and over again in relation to the redevelopment of the World Trade Center and has used the word rancid many times to describe what officials have done at Ground Zero. Read more…

New York Times

Top Christie Staff Sought Lane Closings as Revenge

New York Magazine

Chris Christie’s Goons Really Did Cause a Traffic Jam As Revenge


Chris Christie: I Had No Idea My Top Aides Were Involved In Payback Politics!

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Christie looks to recover after bridge snafu

New York Magazine

Chris Christie’s Other Enemy in Fort Lee

New York Times

Lane Closings Scandal Shows Agency’s Status as 2 Warring Fiefs

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BTW- As a matter of fairness, what are we to think when the media uses “before” pictures of someone who has lost a lot of weight? Why is it that so many in the media just can’t take their thumb off the scale?

NJ Spotlight

Embattled Port Authority Still Fighting Toll Hike Lawsuit

Associated Press

NY residents sue over World Trade Center security

New York Post

Lawyer’s claim: WTC security ‘doesn’t benefit anyone’

Wall Street Journal | Subscription

Office Rents Return to 2008 Rates