If You Build It…

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Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

So where are the tenants? The if-you-build-it rule doesn’t seem to apply to Ground Zero, where it is two-and-a-half years since the Conde Nast lease was supposed to be the first of many. Could the reason tenants seems to be running the other way is that we didn’t build it? We built something, but not the “it” that signifies the courage and confidence of a baseball stadium in a cornfield.

Not according to Steve Cuozzo, who is listed on the New York Post editorial roster next to “Gossip” but frequently pontificates on the WTC site. His recent swipe (linked below) is far more vitriolic than his past columns — as if he thinks that tearing the Twin Towers’ reputation down can build the Freedom Tower’s reputation up.

The Freedom Tower is not a bad building, but it is no replacement for the two most iconic towers on earth. It was common to hear the Twin Towers put in the same class as the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. That is not a comparison we are ever likely to hear about the Freedom Tower, because the Twins exuded confidence and achievement, while it simply exudes money — ours.

After all, how awful could a $4 billion tower be? Actually, pretty awful when one considers that the public that bankrolled it never cared for it. Cuozzo doesn’t realize that his tasteless remarks about the Twin Towers weren’t just a gratuitous swipe at the Towers, but at the millions of supporters who have always overwhelmed the unofficial polls that were carried out through the years.

Just recently we came across a small poll that was done on a pop music site that asked whether respondents preferred “The twins of NEW YORK CITY (duh)” or the “identitiy crisis towers.” The Twin Towers won by almost 20%. But in a 2009 MSNBC poll, with a very large sampling, going head-to-head with the Freedom Tower complex, they received over 90% of the vote.

The damage done by using one’s position to amplify opinions that fly in the face of facts amounts to malpractice — maybe worse, considering how deeply the entire country was wounded and deprived of the recovery we desired, deserved, and paid for.

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