Truth in Advertising

2018-08-06T10:31:04+00:00 Vol. 2, Issue No. 2|
Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

CBS News

Cranes install base of spire at 1 WTC

George Orwell observed that if thought can corrupt language, then language can corrupt thought. That is the last thing we need, especially at Ground Zero, where corrupt thought and corrupt language can only result in corrupt history. We owe those who lost their lives on 9/11 a higher standard of remembrance and resolve.

What standard are we using when we keep boasting that a building with precisley the same roof-height as the original One World Trade Center, and a roof-height around a hundred feet shorter than the Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago, will be the tallest tower in the hemisphere? The human-eye-standard, which registers roof height? Or that of the official arbiter, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s standard, which is by no means certain to include the “spire” in the height?

By any standard, it is enhancing reality, just as the “Carrie Diaries” are distorting reality. Both are perverting the truth and that is not wise.

The Los Angeles Times

Skyline not quite right in CW’s 1984 New York-set ‘Carrie Diaries’

The Huffington Post

Cantor Fitzgerald Slacks On 9/11 Pledge, But Promises $10 Million To Sandy Relief

Could it be that they are making a statement against the Memorial Foundation’s operations?