Day Is Done

2018-08-06T10:32:31+00:00 Vol. 2, Issue No. 6|
Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

The “conspicuous gallantry” beyond the call of duty that was honored at the White House this week is relevant here for two reasons. First, because so many of the men and women who have enlisted and sacrificed over the past decade have been motivated by the horror and and inspired by the heroism of 9/11. And the second reason is related: Thanks to the bravery of Staff Sargeant Romesha, eight of his fallen comrades were brought home to their families.

What a stark contrast to the violation of the 9/11 families’ right to lay claim to their dead by having a say in where they are laid to rest, which we have been following here. The coverage in the press has been scanty, but the principles at risk are vital for every American. Why hasn’t the media vigorously explored the issues involved? If this doesn’t matter, what does?


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