The Silent Majority

2018-08-06T10:39:51+00:00 Vol. 2, Issue No. 33|
Updated: 08/06/18

Photo: New York Post

The most recent book on Ground Zero, tastelessly launched just three weeks before the solemn anniversary, is certainly engaging, but not truly informative.

Benjamin Franklin observed that half a truth is often a great lie. But while Anthropology is defined as “the science of human beings, “The Struggle for Ground Zero,” authored by Ivy League “urban anthropologist” Elizabeth Greenspan, is long on anecdotes and short on science.

Those who were not part of the half of New York that wanted to rebuild new, better than ever Twin Towers, were splintered into a number of smaller interest groups.

In other words, a greater percentage of New Yorkers, and an even higher percent nationally, than put Bill Clinton in office in 1992, have been effectively erased from our collective history.

It is one thing when self-serving politicians tailor the truth to fit their agendas. It is another when journalists and academics the media that are there to protect us from abuses of power goes along.

Is it too much to expect that a lecturer on urban anthropology would explain how and why such a scam took place, rather than lending it credibility? What kind of scientific method is that?

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