September, 2016

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Updated: 08/06/18

Forbes — 9/12/16

Who’s Got The Billions To Buy 1 World Trade Center?

New York Daily News — 9/11/16

15 years of mourning, memorializing and rebuilding after 9/11: What went wrong

Observer — 9/11/16

How the Pain of 9/11 Still Stays With a Generation

USA Today — 9/11/16

1,113 families still have no real confirmation of 9/11 deaths

The Record — 9/9/16

Kelly: Five portraits of lives forever changed by 9/11

New York Daily News — 9/9/16

The 9/11 attacks robbed New York’s skyline of its swagger
— and the rebuilding failed to get it back

Curbed NY — 9/7/16

The presence and absence of the Twin Towers, in photos

CRAIN’S New York — 9/6/16

Out of the ashes of the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center site is reborn

Curbed NY — 9/6/16

One World Trade Center sale could prove challenging for Port Authority

CRAIN’S New York — 9/4/16

Selling 1 World Trade Center

City Journal — 9/3/16

Let’s Break Up the Port Authority

The Real Deal — 9/2/16

New WTC doc asks: Was rebuilding the site worth the cost?