January, 2019

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Updated: 01/26/19

New York Post — 1/5/19

Outgoing congressman: 9/11 Memorial vulnerable to terror attacks

The outgoing New Jersey congressman who sponsored a bill to funnel $25 million a year to 9/11 memorials says the money will make the World Trade Center site less vulnerable to attack — but critics are not convinced.

Retired FDNY Lt. James McCaffrey, a Ground Zero responder whose brother-in-law, Battalion Chief Orio Palmer, was killed on 9/11, contends the grants will do less to protect the site than bolster the memorial officials collecting six-figure salaries.

The Real Deal — 1/3/19

Silverstein Properties may be part of a hack related to 9/11 documents

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is investigating hacked insurance and legal documents related to the September 11 attacks, and that breach may include developer Silverstein Properties.