March, 2022

2022-07-25T18:30:36-04:00 Vol. 11, Issue No. 4|
Updated: 07/25/22

New York YIMBY — 3/14/22

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Continues To Wrap Construction In The Financial District, Manhattan

NYU News — 3/1/22

A Generation After 9/11, American Memorials Turn Inward

“The story of 9/11 is in part a story of architecture—after all the Twin Towers were targeted for their profile in the skyline more than for the companies within them. The demand for architectural icons and symbols in the rebuilding of Ground Zero was intensely politicized, and revealed the outsized role of real estate developers and star architects. Sadly, in a city with incredible design expertise, this has resulted in a series of banal corporate office buildings with little actual public space, and a kitschy transportation center that is really a shopping mall. In addition, all of this represents a massive transfer of billions of public funds to the private sector. The New York public deserved a lot better.”