February, 2016

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Updated: 08/06/18

New York Post — 2/28/16

Where are the stores in the World Trade Center’s $4B hub?

New York Times — 2/24/16

Oculus, Centerpiece of Transit Hub and Selfie Magnet, Is Set to Open

New York Times — 2/23/16

Subdued Opening Set for $4 Billion Transit Hub Called a ‘Symbol of Excess’

Gothamist — 2/23/16

Port Authority Crippled With Self-Loathing Over $4 Billion WTC Transit Hub

PoliticoNewYork — 2/22/16

Port Authority declines to celebrate Calatrava-designed transportation hub

New York Post — 2/21/16

World Trade Center’s $4B transit hub is a lemon

BloombergBusiness — 2/19/16

World Trade Center Project Cost to Be at Lower End of Estimate

The Real Deal — 2/12/16

Silverstein talks 2 WTC, languishing luxury market