August, 2020

2020-09-01T12:59:29+00:00 Vol. 9, Issue No. 8|
Updated: 09/01/20

The Broadsheet — 8/31/20

Let There Be Light On-Again, Off-Again Decision about Tribute in Light
Revives Calls for National Parks to Manage September 11 Memorial

New York Post — 8/22/20

Botched Tribute in Light is the final
‘breach of trust’ for a group of 9/11 victims’ kin

New York Post — 8/22/20

No, New York City is not ‘dead forever’ — here’s why — 8/19/20

9/11 Memorial Head Apologizes for Tribute in Light Cancellation

New York Post — 8/17/20

The 9/11 Museum must answer for outrageous bid to cancel Tribute in Light

911 Memorial and Museum — 8/15/20

The 9/11 Memorial’s Twitter account announced that the cherished Tribute in Light
will go forward after all. Hundreds of public comments tell the rest of the story…

New York Post — 8/15/20

Tunnel2Towers vows to hold own version
of 9/11 ‘Tribute in Light’

New York Times — 8/13/20

9/11 Light Tribute to Take Different Shape

New York Post — 8/5/20

Condé Nast may face fight in bid to leave WTC offices

Thomas Insights — 8/5/20

A Summer Tightrope Walk at the World Trade Center
[A Byte Out of the Big Apple]

The Real Deal — 8/5/20

Condé Nast may be moving out of 1 WTC

AMNY — 8/2/20

A ceremonial rebirth for Lower Manhattan
Orthodox church lost in the 9/11 attacks