April, 2019

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Updated: 05/02/19

Curbed New York — 4/29/19

WTC’s stalled St. Nicholas National Shrine
may soon cross the finish line

City Journal — 4/18/19

Three Fires, Three Skylines

“The result is a mishmash of glass buildings that don’t particularly stand out on the skyline, as the Twin Towers did; they would fit in anywhere, from Chicago to Dubai. The verdict for the World Trade Center complex is the same as that for Hudson Yards, another intensely planned neighborhood to the north: it could be worse. New York has survived its own incompetence in rebuilding after 9/11, just as it survives lots of other things. But the public goodwill surrounding the project had long faded before it was complete. The uncomfortable truth, too, is that al-Qaida achieved a major goal in altering the city’s iconic skyline forever.” — Nicole Gelinas

New York Daily News — 4/17/19

Reflecting on Notre Dame and the Twin Towers:
What the two catastrophes have in common, and don’t

One similarity that is not mentioned in Judith Miller’s reflection deserves to be noted: Both the twin towers of Notre Dame and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center lured daredevil Philippe Petit onto a tightrope to inspire the world. Her conclusion repeats an inaccuracy that is refuted by the facts and should also be noted: The World Trade Center was not rebuilt – it was replaced. And the process was glaringly autocratic, not democratic. — TAJ