January, 2016

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Updated: 05/17/21

City Journal — Winter 2016

The Port Authority Leviathan

Downtown Express — 1/29/16

Letters: Week of Jan. 28, 2016

New York Post — 1/24/16

Why the Port Authority is an unmanageable mess

Tribeca Citizen — 1/21/16

Nosy Neighbor: Why Does 1 World Trade Center Look So Unfinished at Night?

The Real Deal — 1/21/16

Murdoch snub exposes Silverstein’s 2 WTC dilemma

The Record — 1/21/16

North Jersey Media Group sues Port Authority; says agency violated public records laws

Downtown Express — 1/20/16

Fate of WTC Sphere keeps turning

NJ Spotlight — 1/19/16


The Record — 1/17/16

Port Authority job not for faint of heart, past leaders say

Crain’s New York — 1/15/16

Fox, News Corp. back out of move to 2 World Trade Center

The Record — 1/14/16

State Senate committee advances bill to bolster oversight of Port Authority

The Tribeca Tribune — 1/12/16

‘The Sphere’ from 9/11 Is No Closer to a Home

Associated Press — 11/22/15

Hudson tunnel: Is oft-maligned agency up to the challenge?

For almost five years, this is where the Twin Towers Alliance has posted WTC-related developments as they appear in the media. Last fall, a server error wiped out many files going back to the end of June and the backup also malfunctioned. At some point, we expect to return to the weekly format and want our archive of WTC news to be complete, but we can’t say when reconstructing those weeks will become a priority. For the time being, we will post new items in date order above.