Only Fitting

2018-08-06T10:49:40-04:00 Vol. 3, Issue No. 52|
Updated: 08/06/18

The way in which the World Trade Center redevelopment has been directed by every governor since George Pataki reeks of corruption and is principally responsible for all the troubles the Port Authority finds itself in today. Now that the governors of New York and New Jersey have given the back of their hands to legislation that was endorsed by two legislatures without a single “no” vote, the only honorable course for legislators in New Jersey, where they are still in session, is to override the Christie veto.

That would give the New York legislature the momentum to fast-track its version when the new session begins, which they seem primed to do. It is refreshing to see so many politicians standing on principle, instead of retreating behind party lines. But what already seems certain is that Governors Tweedle Dee and Dum can forget any dreams of moving into the White House. They have clearly demonstrated their contempt and are now as unlikely as George Pataki is to ever be taken seriously for that job.

We have been saying at the Twin Towers Alliance, since 2006, that our country has become a democracy in name only. What is taking place now will make it clear whether we have the character to rally and assert our power when our leaders abuse theirs. And with the World Trade Center at the core of the issue, this is the most fitting ground to show that we really do stand for something.

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